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The Great Outdoors

Vulture Culture

For years I have been delivering presentations on Vulture Culture, all over the state. It’s proved to be interesting and a great deal of fun. Vultures exist worldwide and they’re

Green in Winter

When our family moved across town to a new home a few years ago, we inherited three towering Norway spruce trees in our front yard. Our new neighbors eventually divulged

Quack, Quack

I’ll never forget many moons ago when I took my then six-year-old daughter to the doctor and she decided not to participate in the exam. She crossed her arms and

Eagle Eyes

Each year there is a marvelous opportunity to gain greater insight into the New Jersey Delaware Bayshore and its avian denizens, especially our eagles and their compatriot raptors and waterfowl.

Surviving Winter

On your warm-weather travels around southern New Jersey’s rivers and marshes you will likely see turtles lined up on logs sunning themselves. We have two main aquatic basking turtles in

Sharing the Wealth

Just days before Thanksgiving, Gov. Phil Murphy, DEP Commissioner McCabe, and the NJ Natural and Historic Resources Group’s Green Acres program bestowed a great gift on the citizens of New

O Christmas Tree

Some of my fondest memories around Christmas involve shopping for the annual Christmas tree. When I was a child, picking just the right live tree was my parents’ task. For