September 7, 2021

Solo Hobbyist

Whether you simply prefer doing things solo or you have a tight schedule that makes it difficult to commit to classes at set times of the week, you don’t need

Community-Wide Cleanup

This stands as an open invitation to residents, friends, and supporters to come out and lend a hand in helping to keep our community free of trash and litter. Dealing

Healthy Hair

Keeping your hair healthy and styled can take time and effort, and it also takes expertise. With Xspero, you can find your hair expert and give to your favorite charity

Cicada Killer

Years ago I noticed a couple of rather large piles of sand at the entrance to a hole. The opening was roughly quarter-sized and one to two cups of loose

Share a Message of Congratulations with the Class of 2023! 

Join us in this celebration by posting a photo and message to your 2023 graduating senior from High School or College.

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