Women Filmmakers

The names Dorothy Arzner, Florence Lois Weber and Alice Guy-Blache are not easily recognized today, yet each has made her mark in film history by

The Rear View

In 1891, when Herman Melville died, it seemed likely that the 21st century might never hear of him. At the time of his death, Melville’s

Bases Shuttered

The last of the 14 ground-to-air Nike missile bases sprinkled throughout New Jersey to stand guard over Philadelphia and New York City were finally shuttered

Base Mishaps

The Cold War threat of Soviet air attacks divided the halves of New Jersey more than usual by establishing a ring of five Nike missile

Cold War Bases

From 1955 to 1974, there existed a ring of military bases throughout South Jersey and Pennsylvania that were designed to protect Philadelphia from Soviet nuclear

The Cold War

To define the Cold War, it might be fair to say it was roughly the four-decade period following World War II that witnessed the U.S.

Poetic Terrain

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and Stockton University professor Stephen Dunn passed away on June 24 of this year, leaving behind a legacy of more than 20

Filmed in New Jersey

Oscar Micheaux, the pioneering film director of Black American cinema, produced more than 40 movies in his lifetime, and a handful of his pictures were

Promising Oscar

Recently, Turner Classic Movies aired director Charles Burnett’s 1990 film To Sleep with Anger, and HBO Max offered a feature on Burnett in addition to