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Out of the Box Fall Wedding Trends

(—Fall has become the most popular season for weddings. With so many couples tying the knot during this time of year, you want to make sure your autumn event stands out from the rest. That means getting creative with everything from your color palette and cocktails to your food and favors. These ideas can help you get started on a fall wedding to remember.

Go Outside: Although the weather is cooler, holding your event outside, surrounded by fall foliage, will make for a memorable affair. Of course, you’ll want to rent a tent in case of rain (true of any time of year) and also have some heaters on hand in case it’s extra chilly that day.

Opt for Brunch: Since the sun starts to set earlier in the fall, why not make the most of the daylight with a brunch wedding? You can also save by offering mimosas and Bloody Marys instead of having to pay for a fully stocked bar, which will free up your budget for other items.

Be Bold with Color: Fall is the perfect time to experiment with color, so don’t be afraid to go beyond the typical jewel tones that are popular during this time of year. According to the pros at Wild Hill Flowers and Events, golden mustard is the top color choice for fall 2021. The warm tone nods at fall while keeping things fresh and light. It can be paired with all of the traditional hues of the season or mix it with shades of dusty mauve for a more romantic look.

Utilize Dried Florals: Skylar Caitlin of Chancey Charm Weddings explains that dried florals are perfect for fall because this is when many blooms are naturally drying. “Whether it’s bleached Ruscus, bunny tails, or dried palms, these botanic materials offer a textural boost for bouquets and centerpieces alike.”

Set Up Some Cozy Lounges: Being outside means you’ll have plenty of extra space to work with. Set up a few soft, velvet couches—as well as some vintage chairs with blankets and pillows—for guests to get cozy during your reception, recommends Mariah McKechnie of Northland Special Events.

Play with Lighting: Intensify the atmosphere without adding literal fall elements via your lighting, says Caitlin. “Whether it’s colored candlesticks with romantic, flickering light or soft, amber-colored uplights and pin spots, lighting is an impactful (and often less cost-intensive) way to achieve your ideal wedding mood,” she explains.

Serve Comfort Foods: Wow your guests with a menu that goes beyond chicken or fish. Instead, opt for comfort foods that work perfectly for the season. For example, McKechnie suggests offering a variety of chilis with all the fixings and cornbread on the side.

Create Fall-Themed Cocktails: Celebrate the season with signature cocktails that play on everyone’s favorite fall flavors, including apple cider, cinnamon, and, of course, pumpkin spice!

Light Some Fires: Keep guests warm by setting up a few fire pits around your location so family and friends can sit around the fire and chat. Even better: Supply everything they need to make some s’mores to enjoy!

Think Small with Desserts: Couples are offering mini cakes to their guests in lieu of having a large wedding cake that needs to be cut into slices. Take it one step further by serving up mini pies that fit in with the fall season.

Hand Out a Fall Favor: Give everyone something they can use well beyond the wedding day that also pays homage to the season. A blanket monogrammed with your wedding date, pumpkin spice candles, or fall-themed Koozies are just a few ideas that come to mind.