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How To Find Your Brand Voice

You have a product, you’ve built a business, and you’re wondering about your next step—how do you find your brand voice? This is a question our friends at Clearbridge Branding Agency are asked often by clients when determining how a brand’s identity translates to its respective audience.

Learn how to find your brand voice by reading below.

Understanding How to Find Your Brand Voice

 What is Brand Voice?

In the simplest terms, brand voice refers to the expression of your brand’s distinct personality across all written and verbal communications. It can be casual or formal, fun or authoritative. It articulates who you are as a company and the values you (hopefully) share with your audience.

Embodying Your Brand

When developing the voice and tone for the clients Clearbridge Branding works with, there’s a tool they often use to help visualize a brand in the flesh: personification.

If you could think of your brand as a living, breathing person, what attributes or characteristics would they have based on the products or services you provide? How would they speak? What would they say? How are they dressed or what kind of music would they listen to? Haydn or heavy metal?

Think of your brand as a character in a story you’ve created. How will your company’s character help tell the story of your brand? By giving it human-like qualities, it can help you visualize your authentic voice and locate the qualities that reflect both your company’s core values and the values your audience treasures—a vital connection any business needs with its customer base.

By thinking critically and abstractly about how your brand may be perceived, finding a true voice that connects with your customers becomes clearer. That said, perception isn’t the only thing that should inform your direction.

Converging with Your Audience

By and far, the most important source on how to find your brand voice is your audience. Who are they? How old are they? What do they seek from your brand?

Your brand voice should always speak the “language” of your audience, says Clearbridge Branding. It should reflect the products or services you offer and the tone of language your audience uses or is attracted to.

Say you’re an emerging ice cream company. The tone and language of your brand voice might be fun, light, or even humorous. By contrast, if you’re a law firm or tech company, fun and lighthearted language really doesn’t fit the bill and may confuse or put off prospective clients and customers.

Converge with your audience. Meet them where they already are and lend an ear to the language they’re using or seek from you.

Finding a brand voice that is unique to your company will help attract the right customers and set yourself apart from the competition. It’s a vital extension of your brand identity, and with it, can propel you into success.

Need a little help finding the right voice that will help take your brand to the next level? Reach out to the branding pros at Clearbridge Branding Agency and make a virtual appointment to discuss your concerns or questions.