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How to Improve Your Google Ads CTR

Your digital advertising strategy should include key steps you can take to improve your Google Ads CTR. CTR (clickthrough rate) refers to the number of clicks on your ad, divided by the number of impressions. It allows you to determine which ads and keywords work best to reach your target audience and increase conversion.

To help you attain your brand’s advertising goals, we have asked Philadelphia marketing and advertising agency Clearbridge Branding Agency to share best practices to successfully increase your clickthrough rate.

4 Ways to Improve Your Google Ads CTR

  1. Optimize Ad Copy

Writing captivating copy can improve your Google Ads CTR by helping you stand out among competitors. Before writing your copy, draft clear goals that you hope to achieve with your ad. Whether you aim to increase web traffic to your site, promote a specific product, or attract new customers, setting goals allows you to understand and quantify the success of your ad. Once you’ve defined your goals, create a headline that engages your target audience through a call-to-action, a question, or keywords related to your brand. In the body of your copy, emphasize unique selling points about your brand and products.

  1. Utilize Google’s Quality Score

Google’s Quality Score is a metric that helps you measure the quality of your ad in comparison to other similar brands or advertisers. It is calculated based on ad relevance in relation to users’ searches, landing page experience and usefulness, and the expected likelihood that users will click on your ad when shown. The Quality Score measures your ad on a scale of 1-10 and ranks these components as “above average,” “average,” or “below average” in comparison to competitors. This tool can help you improve your CTR by showing you clear data on how well your ads are performing.

  1. Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are, as the name implies, additional items that expand your ad. They can be links, descriptions, call-to-actions, reviews, phone numbers, or more. According to Clearbridge Branding, choosing the right ad extension depends on the goals of your ad campaign and the messages your brand wants to prioritize. Ad extensions are free to use and can increase your impressions by showing more relevant information to viewers.

  1. Insert keywords in URL and headlines

To increase your clickthrough rate, make sure the copy in your ads, headlines, and URL includes keywords that are familiar and sought after by your target audience. Keywords are terms that are associated with your brand, product, or service. They should be specific and planned to ensure that users find your ad in their search. You can group multiple themed keywords together in Google Ad Groups and use the phrase match tool to decide how broadly or exactly you want your phrases to match users’ search words.

Increasing the clickthrough rate of your ads can ensure that your advertising budget is well-spent and that your ads lead to more traffic, sales, or conversions. For more practical tips to improve the performance of your digital ads, contact the advertising experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency.