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Gear up, ladies, for weekend and evening rides, starting in April.

Members of the Evelyn Hill Cycling Club on a ride in rural South Jersey.

The Evelyn Hill Cycling Club, a group of South Jersey women who enjoy cycling as a social activity and exercise, is welcoming new members to join them on weekend and evening rides starting in April.

The club was founded by Barbara Kornbluh, a local cyclist who was dismayed by the lack of women in cycling. She found that often women felt intimidated.

“Our goal is fun, friendship and fitness,” Kornbluh said. “We’re not riding for speed. Our rides are not races. We welcome women of all ages and experience. If you haven’t ridden in a while we will help you get back in the saddle.”

The group’s first 2021 ride is scheduled for 11 a.m. April 3 at the Evelyn Hill Cycling warehouse at 685 Kenyon Avenue in Rosenhayn, just off Landis Avenue. Evening rides at 6 p.m. will begin as daylight allows. The rides are on rural roads. Distances vary with the skill level of the group and typically last about an hour.

To learn more, contact Barbara Kornbluh through the Evelyn Hill Cycling Club on Facebook and Instagram or at