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Blog Writing Tips That Will Increase Conversions

With the right blog writing tips, you can transform content into valuable opportunities to connect with potential customers and increase conversions on your website. Whether you’re a retailer or service provider, optimizing content for readers can help close the gap between bounce rates and buying.

We asked the experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency for blog writing tips that will help you increase conversions. Here are five to follow.

 5 Blog Writing Tips for Increasing Conversions

Tip #1: Think like your customer.

When creating content for your website, you always want to have your audience in mind. Who are you writing for, if not for your customer? Align yourself with their thought processes when creating topics to write about—and not just your current customers, either.

You want to think about those who will find your content organically through a search engine, says Clearbridge. This means researching what your potential buyer might be searching for in advance. When writing for your blog, you always want to be a step ahead of the buyer.

Tip #2: Commit to a keyword.

A keyword or phrase is the link between your content and the search engine. Once you have a relevant topic in mind, you want to commit to a keyword potential customers may be searching for online. Clearbridge recommends using this keyword or phrase in the very first sentence of your blog and referencing it throughout the body of the blog, so it will ping search engine spiders looking for key words that match a given search.

 Tip #3: Create valuable content.

Optimizing your blog and aligning with your potential customers’ intentions aren’t the only important blog writing tips to consider. If your blog isn’t providing real value to readers, you’ll likely experience a higher bounce rate.

What question is your blog post attempting to answer? If your content isn’t informing this question or answering what readers are looking for, what value are you really providing? Meditate on this question as you assemble and write your blog.

 Tip #4: Link to other pages on your website.

Another thing to consider while writing is how certain words or phrases in your blog post are relative to other existing pages on your website. Hyperlinking to other blog posts, products, and pages is an important part of creating accessibility for your reader. You want to create opportunities for discovery.

 Clearbridge shares this example: If you’re a jewelry store writing a blog about the different shapes of diamonds for engagement rings, it may be a good idea to hyperlink a mention of “pear shape diamonds” to a specific product with a pear shape stone.

 Tip #5: Be mindful of the layout of your blog.

In a world of instant gratification where attention spans are dwindling, people want answers instantly. If your blog post is one big block of text, this, too, may contribute to a higher bounce rate.

Clearbridge suggests dividing your blog into sections with bold headers. Make use of lists, bullets, and other layout tools to make your content more readable at a glance. Chances are, not everyone is going to read your content in length—and that’s okay! Make it as easy as possible to navigate and read. Divide longer paragraphs into shorter sections. It’s easier on the eye and may influence your reader to read on.

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