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Woman’s Club of Vineland Learn from Fire Investigator

The Woman’s Club of Vineland held their January meeting on the 10th. Carlos Mercado, an investigator for the Vineland Fire Department, spoke to the Woman’s Club members. He said that there are six fire companies with 200 firefighters in Vineland and 60 EMTs with four ambulances. Twelve new EMTs were scheduled to be added by the end of that week. There are seven inspectors that inspect all the business buildings in Vineland for fire safety.

Mercado also went over many safety cautions to keep us safe in our homes. They recommend keeping your bedroom door closed when sleeping. If there’s a fire it will help keep the smoke out of the bedroom. Also, always know where your escape routes are out of your room or home. (Read more fire safety tips on page 7.)

The Woman’s Club of Vineland is looking for women who would be interested in helping the community with various projects and would like to join other women with similar interests. For more informationabout the Woman’s Club of Vineland call 856-696-3944 or visit and like on facebook.

Carlos Mercado, speaker from the Vineland Fire Department, and Linda Gallina, 2nd VP of Vineland Woman’s Club.