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Local businesses get to up the ante in fundraising for local charities. Anyone can buy in for great prizes.

Habitat for Humanity was one of the first beneficiaries of funds raised through Tix For Good. Tri-city Kitchens CK was the sponsoring business and a lucky sweepstakes winner received four tickets to a late-season Phillies game.
by Mickey Brandt
Habitat for Humanity was one of the first beneficiaries of funds raised through Tix For Good. Tri-city Kitchens CK was the sponsoring business and a lucky sweepstakes winner received four tickets to a late-season Phillies game.

Non-profit organizations and charities have been having a harder time raising funds than ever before. The rampant economic uncertainty plays a part in the quandary, but there are other factors.

Small businesses have historically provided a lot of support to community organizations. Now, with retirements of key donors, this source has become elusive. Even more important is the demise of community-minded businesses themselves.

In many economic sectors from food service and retail to transportation and banking, there are far fewer local, charitable owners. The national conglomerates that bought the businesses—or drove them from the marketplace—have little interest in the communities where they have outlets.

The decision-makers are no longer in Cumberland County where they usually came through when asked for a contribution. They are in Maine, or California, and usually don’t even take the call from a local charity fundraiser

Also, with higher operating costs than ever before, nonprofits need more in a time when each can raise less.

Golf tournaments draw fewer duffers; dinner tickets keep rising in cost; regular donors, if not gone, often scale back. There have even been important community service organizations forced to close their doors.

Tim Chew, founder of Tix for Good, a new fundraising platform, thinks part of the solution lies in broadening the donor base in a big way. This can be done by what he calls “incentivizing” donors.

“This is a great way for anyone to make a donation, small or large, individuals or companies,” said Chew.

Tix for Good, which has only existed since late August, has already boosted the fortunes of several nonprofits—well maybe not fortunes, not yet at least, but has definetly increased donations.

At the same time, Tix for Good has enriched the lives of a few small donors who became big winners when presented with prizes of première tickets to popular events.

Prizes? Events? I thought this story was about the need to give more to charities.

It is. But with a fanciful and effective kicker. The sweepstakes bring in exponentially more revenue in donations to the charities than the initial sponsorship itself.

Want to go to the Super Bowl in February? By making a sweepstakes ticket purchase, a participating nonprofit gets donations and you could also get tickets to the game. The sweepstakes winner can sit a few rows back on the 30-yard line. Now that is incentivizing donors.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cumberland and Salem Counties received a $500 donation from collective donors—individuals and businesses—with a resulting sweepstakes winner receiving four tickets to a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park.

Tickets for all sweepstakes are $10 for 10 entries, $20 for 40, $50 for 120 and $100 for 300 entries. In other words, you do not need to have deep pockets to make a donation and the benefit of possibly winning is a huge plus.

“The system encourages good,” said Chew. “Sometimes virtue isn’t enough; the prizes give that edge that feeds successful fundraising.”

Sweepstakes participants so far love the experience. Look at this, they say. I get to help the local Y, for instance, with a donation I can afford plus I have a chance to go to the Master’s golf tournament next year. Good deal, dude.

As Tix for Good grows, it needs more nonprofits to sign up as beneficiaries. It’s free and the company and its collaborator, Amplifier Fundraising, completely handle the sweepstakes.

Nonprofits can easily boost their donations by promoting Tix for Good to their supporters. This could be a simple email or message in their mailer or any other communications. A participating nonprofit has everything to gain and nothing to lose and it’s simple to promote the sweepstakes to members and supporters.

While it’s not expected that Tix for Good participants go to the same lengths that some young college athletes did, but the Rowan College of South Jersey – Cumberland baseball team sold tickets in the parking lots of Phillies games for a week and the team netted thousands of dollars, doubling its annual budget.

The sweepstakes winner and four family members sat behind the plate in the Diamond Club for a later Phillies game.

Each winner so far has happened to be the head of a single-parent family. This is what Tix for Good calls “broadening the donor base,”

So, where do all these Eagles tickets and the like come from? The third crucial element of the Tix for Good model, namely local businesses that act as sweepstake sponsors. A business sponsors sweepstakes by donating funds towards an event or experience. TixforGood takes those donations and purchases event tickets or other types of experiences and creates sweepstakes giving anyone who enters a chance to win. The sweepstakes bring in exponentially more revenue in donations than the initial purchase price of the tickets. As an example, a small business owner who plans on donating $1,000 to a non-profit can sponsor a sweepstake through Tix For Good and end up raising in excess of $4,000 in donations.

Tim Chew, right, called the winner of a sweepstakes presented by Total Turf Experience.

It’s truly a win-win-win—for donors, charities and local businesses.

At press time, there is already an A-list of local businesses that donate prizes. Tix for Good also solicits prizes directly.

These generous, community-minded companies include: TD Bank, Tri City Kitchens, LaScala’s Fire restaurants, State Farm Insurance (David Scales), and Tenbrook Orthodontics. Community leaders, such as Frank and Linda Rumick, have begun acting as ambassadors and fundraisers for Tix for Good.

It sounds like magic: Deserving organizations receive important donations, businesses get to participate in fun and exciting ways to help local nonprofits raise money, and you have a shot at sitting on the 50-yard line for the Eagles, attending a party at the Master’s, or going to one of the other events and experiences of a lifetime on the fast-growing list.

* * *

Four sweepstakes are currently running:


All donations are tax deductible and will provide your nonprofit of choice with some much needed funding.

• This is one of the biggest rivalries in all of professional football. Come see the Birds take on their heated rival from New York on January 8, 2023 in Philadelphia, and sit front and center. This package includes five tickets on the 50-yard line, Row 7, as well as a parking pass.
Brought to you by TriCity Kitchens. Entry Deadline: 11:59 PM EST on Dec. 25, 2022.

• Win a $500 gift card to a South Jersey & Philadelphia area favorite dining establishment. LaScala’s Fire offers a large selection of beloved Italian American fare. The gift card can be redeemed at any LaScala’s Fire location. (Marlton, Glassboro, Philadelphia, University City, Villanova)
Presented by LaScala’s Fire. Tickets $10. Entry Deadline: 11:59 p.m. EST on Dec. 31, 2022

• It doesn’t get any bigger than The Big Game! (You know the one we’re talking about, right?) Donate today and be entered to win two tickets on the 30-yard-line to see the pro football championship in Glendale, AZ on February 12, 2023. You can have a wonderful experience with these tickets!
Brought to you by Total Turf Experience. Entry Deadline: 11:59 p.m. EST on Dec. 25, 2022

• For the golf lovers in your life, we have the ultimate experience! Go see the premiere professional golf tournament of 2023 in Augusta, GA. Includes weekend passes for two people to the tournament, VIP tent access, as well as complimentary food and drink. It’s a trip that all golf lovers should make at least once in their life.
Presented by American Express. Entry Deadline: 11 p.m. EST on Dec. 25, 2022

All sweepstakes entries are 10 for $10, 40 for $20, 120 for $50, or 300 for $100. Check back often at to keep up with new to keep up with new prizes.

* * *

To get started as a participating nonprofit or a sponsoring business send an email to

To donate and have a chance to attend an event/have a unique experience, visit and walk through the donation menu. It has drop-down choices for selecting charities.