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Is it time to to replace your door?

by High Point Windows, Home Improvement Expert Contributor

Studies have shown that besides your roof and landscaping, your entry door is the first thing people will notice about your home. Upgrading your home’s doors will play a huge role in the aesthetics of your overall exterior. Beyond the aesthetics of upgrading your front door, there are also many other benefits.

Security is a big reason why people are choosing to replace their outdated doors. Cracks or warped, old looking doors seem to represent an easy entrance for intruders. With today’s material to choose from, you can have an entry door that is hard to penetrate and can handle the wear and tear the weather puts on your door.

You can replace the weatherstripping or locks on an old door but that may not help much. However, upgrading your front door can help secure your home and help you access better insulating features. Front door materials are now much more efficient to help keep inside air cool in the summer and warm in the wintertime.

After a harsh winter and getting through the rainy season, your entry door may not have not have been properly maintained. This can lead to water damage and cracks that will put the structural integrity of your doors in jeopardy.

Besides the security features and the energy saving benefits a new door gives you, bugs and other critters you don’t want in your home will have the ability to slip through these cracks.

Call us today to schedule a door specialist to come inspect your door and explain further the overall benefits it will offer.