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Historical Society Trustees Visit The Bob Romano Show

Naomi Ingraldi and Warren Crescenzo, two Vineland Historical & Antiquarian Society (VHAS) Board of Trustee members, recently made an appearance on The Bob Romano Show on Cruisin’ 92.1 WVLT.As special guests on the program, Ingraldi and Crescenzo enjoyed their experience and had a great time shedding some light about the venerable Society.

“It was a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and a lot of fun,” said Ingraldi, who became a board member in 2020. “We had three Vineland trivia questions for the audience—and they got them all!”

“I hosted a telephone-talk show back in the 1970s,” said Crescenzo, who also joined the board in 2020, “and I have always appreciated hearing ideas from the public.”

The number of interested and informed callers to The Bob Romano show reached double digits.

“Some had stories or details to add to historic events,” said Crescenzo. “It is an informal way to add to the historic notes of our city.”

“My favorite moments were the callers who shared their Vineland stories with us,” Ingraldi revealed. “Every family here has a story. The more stories we hear, the more connections we have to Vineland and each other.”

“I had mentioned the KKK attack on the Italian population in Vineland,” Crescenzo added. “A listener called to add specific details of the event, as told to him by his father and another person who led the resistance.”

Crescenzo and Ingraldi are thankful to have had an opportunity to spread awareness about the museum. They also shared some thoughts about the future state of the Vineland Historical & Antiquarian Society.

“I would like to see our VHAS become more prominent and become the go-to place when historic information is needed,” said Crescenzo.

“There is a lot of work ahead for the Board and we are ready to meet the chalenge,” said Ingraldi. “We will be focusing on membership, community awareness, outreach to the schools, interesting events and presentations relevant to Vineland, local history, and more. So, stay tuned.”

For more about the Vineland Historical & Antiquarian Society, visit, or call 856-691-1111.