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Elevator Pitch

by Rebecca Kowalewicz, VP Digital

Yes, a business elevator pitch, or elevator statement, is more than just a way to explain your company to strangers and possible customers. It’s a way to identify what your company stands for as well as a cohesive approach to bring your team members into alignment with the purpose of your company. Your elevator pitch is something that everyone in your company, from the C-Suite to the cleaners, should know by heart. It should be reflective on your website, your social media platforms, and your company culture, and be something that can be told in 20 to 30 seconds.

Simply put, an elevator pitch is a short, prepared statement that explains what your company, brand, or product is, what it does, why it’s needed, and how it does it. Think of it as a way to describe your brand in the length of time it would take to explain it to a stranger during an elevator ride.

To get started with an elevator pitch, create an outline of what you want to relay in the pitch. Write one sentence to each of the following questions:

• What is your company/brand/product?

• What does it do and how does it do it?

• Why is it needed or what problem does it solve?

Next, formulate an introductory sentence that hooks people in so that they want to listen to the rest of the elevator pitch. Often this can be a question or a bold (but true) statement about your brand.

Finally, tie the messaging together so that it is cohesive and then end with a call-to-action. By including a simple question, it invites the person you are speaking with to remain engaged.

Here’s an example: You know how many business owners need to wear multiple hats, from HR to social media marketing, accounting to even cleaning? Clearbridge Branding Agency’s team of experts helps with social media marketing to alleviate one of the most time-consuming jobs that a small business owner has to deal with on a daily basis. Our in-house team works with the business to market their brand for them, so that they can focus on their team, inventory, and growth. How do you handle the constantly evolving social media world in your business?

Not only does the elevator pitch example hook people in with a question, but then it explains what the company does, how they can help fulfill a need, and then keeps the conversation engaging with a call-to-action that allows the potential customer to respond. This is a great segue into continuing the conversation and learning more about your customer’s needs.

Beyond trying to gain new customers, everyone in your company should know this pitch so that they have a clear understanding of what your company does and the services or products it provides. If you asked random employees the same questions about what your company is and what needs it fulfills and receive different answers, it might be time to craft your elevator pitch and share it with your team.

Once you have the pitch, review your website and your social media platforms. Does the messaging from your pitch match the digital messaging? If your potential customer leaves the conversation and then visits your website or Facebook page, does the content reflect how your brand helps? Does the “About” section answer the same questions that are addressed in the elevator pitch?

Just as every member of your team should know the pitch, every online platform that represents your brand should relay it as well. Your digital presence speaks for you when you cannot, so an audit that looks at if it’s working hard for you with proper messaging is important.

Keeping your elevator pitch between 20 and 30 seconds, making it clear and concise, and ensuring that the messaging is consistent even in the digital space, will help your brand gain new customers and unite your team to move the brand toward continued growth.

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