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YMCA Honors Longest Serving Employee

Leda Kozakoff was recently honored at the Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA for her 30 years of service. A Millville resident, Kozakoff works throughout the large Y building in the Facilities-Housekeeping Department.

Cara Morello, the senior director of Administration and Operations at the Y, organized a pizza party for the veteran employee. She noted, “There are many employees here at the Y who have made an impact over the years, but none can compare to Leda. Every staff person says hello, every member knows her, and when we need something done, Leda is our go-to person.

“From scrubbing walls and railings to assisting ‘her babies’ in the Child Watch Room, Leda is a valued part of the Y,” Morello said.

During the festivities, the YMCA presented a sign for display outside the room where youngsters can enjoy supervised play while their parents exercise. The sign reads: Leda Kozakoff Child Watch Room.

YMCA CEO George Steinbronn, Jr. said, “It’s important that we recognize Leda, as she is a really outstanding employee. She’s particularly connected to our members, families, and staff.”

Current and former YMCA members added enthusiastic praise for Kozakoff. Among the many comments were “So proud of you,” and “You are such an inspiration to everyone,” “Thank you for all you do,” and “Way to go, Leda!”

The honoree is employed through Delta Community Supports, which provides assistance to individuals with disabilities.

Kozakoff, though shy by nature, said, “The Y is very important to me. I love it, the children, the staff, and the members. It’s a very friendly place.”

Kozakoff is beloved by children, families, members, and staff. Kozakoff recalls knowing many of the current kids’ parents as youngsters.

From left: Leda Kozakoff and Cara Morello.