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Vineland Updates Residential Resale Inspection Process

In 2018, Vineland City Council passed an ordinance that requires property owners intending to sell a one-family, two family, or multi-family dwelling units to obtain a Certificate of Inspection prior to the sale and settlement of the property. If the property is a duplex, multiple units or mixed use, the owner should contact the Vineland Zoning Department prior to listing to ensure it is conforming use. If a property is being sold in as-is condition, short sale, or if the home is vacant, an inspection is still required by the owner/seller before the transfer of ownership.

“The resale inspection program plays an important role in helping to maintain the value and quality of Vineland’s housing stock,” said Vineland Fire Marshal Brian Murray. “It helps protect both the buyer and the seller by ensuring there are no existing or open permit compliance or visual safety issues with the structure; as well as proper placement of fire extinguishers, smoke, and carbon monoxide alarms within the premises. We recently revised the procedures to streamline and make the process easier for residents to comply with the inspection.”

As soon as a settlement date is determined, an application for resale should be filed at the Fire Administration building located at 625 E. Plum St. Vineland. The applications are in triplicate form. A minimum of four business days is required to complete the service. Inspections filed more than 10 days prior to the closing date are charged at a rate of $125 per unit. Inspections filed four to 10 days prior to the closing date are charged at a rate of $200 per unit. All re-inspection fees are $50.

“We have improved the inspection checklist to better explain the requirements and to meet an appropriate safety standard,” Murray continued. “We also have made a few changes to the checklist to fix some discrepancies in order to help homeowners pass the initial inspection. We want to avoid re-inspections, wasted time, and extra fees. Our goal is to help everyone get it right the first time.”

The initial inspection takes about 30 minutes or so, after which the owner will receive a report that details items that need to be corrected in order to bring the property into compliance with the city ordinance. The homeowner must make the specified repairs and have the home re-inspected before a Certificate of Inspection will be issued for the completion of the sale. Owners who sell a property without obtaining an inspection prior to the sale, run the risk of delaying settlement.

A “Residential Dwelling Resale Checklist” and a sample “Residential Resale Dwelling Application” can be viewed on the Vineland Fire Prevention website by visiting

Anyone with questions may contact the Vineland Fire Prevention Bureau office at 856-794-4000, ext. 4763, or e-mail