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Swimmer’s 95th Birthday Celebrated at the YMCA

Ruth Aaron had never intended to become a swimmer, but she noted that her asthma improved when she accompanied her children to the pool at Vineland’s YMCA. She was in her 50s then and realized that swimming made her feel healthier. Fast forward over the decades, and Aaron still swims for an hour at the Y every day—and she just turned 95 years old.

The Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA celebrated her birthday with a party that included balloons, gifts, and cupcakes, as well as lots of applause and admiration.

Aaron trained for years to become a Masters Swimmer, which she enjoyed as long as there was competition. She earned numerous national awards and records as she competed in 11 states.

“I’d never have imagined doing this,” she said, referring to her status as a champion and a swimmer. “Now I can’t imagine not doing it.”

Aaron encourages others to pursue a regular exercise schedule. Her message is simple: “Anybody can do this. I started out as an artist and a singer! I swim every day because it’s what I do.”

The YMCA is proud of her as an individual and a true role model.