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RLS Logistics Wins National Customer Experience Award

RLS Logistics, a leading cold chain solutions provider headquartered in Newfield, has garnered a national customer experience award distinguished by Awards International USA.

RLS Logistics was honored with bronze for the customer centric culture category after a rigorous submission and presentation process. The proposal’s premise was based on RLS’ strategic business plan and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, which allows the team to hyperfocus on its people, operations, and customers.

“The strategy began several years ago and has evolved and is firmly rooted in our culture centered around customers but, most importantly, accountability. We hold each other accountable for meeting our KPIs to ensure we are exceeding our customers’ expectations,” said John Gaudet, vice president of Business Development, RLS Logistics.

Awards International USA hosts the largest customer experience award program globally and hosted its first USA based program this year. The program promotes best practices, encourages distinction within customer experience, and boosts the stories of CX winners.

RLS developed in 1968 with humble beginnings in agriculture in New Jersey and has since grown to be one of the largest family-owned cold chain solutions providers in the U.S. The RLS team attributes its success to the dedication of the RLS team members, the strategic business plan, and the customer centric culture. At the base of RLS Logistics’ strategy is its people. Customer experience stems from team member experience; one cannot be successful without the other. In addition, the company prides itself on its family owned roots and on putting customers first at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

“We are proud that our team of cold chain experts remains resilient today. We couldn’t have won this award without their support,” Courtney Keenan, said marketing and customer experience manager, RLS Logistics. For more information, visit