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Programs for Businesses

by Russell Swanson, Exec. Dir., VDID, Main Street Vineland

It bears repeating that for our businesses working hard to survive during COVID, we are here to help you. It has become a major part of our operation, ever since the pandemic started affecting our businesses. Part of this task is sorting through the pile of information we get daily about grants, financial aid, trainings, and other programs—then pushing out to our businesses the information we feel will be of most benefit to them.

I’ve selected a couple of the most recent notices. We’re glad to share more with you; just give us a call. Be warned, however, that available funding or other limitations can change quickly. Money can be depleted and eligibility openings can fill up rapidly. That’s true even as this is written. Use these couple of examples of what’s out there for you and, as soon as we push information out to you, jump at any opportunity that looks good to you.

• On February 10, the NJ Economic Development authority (NJEDA) announced plans to bring back discounts of nearly 70 percent off the price of personal protective equipment (PPE) purchased through the Authority’s NJ Small and Micro Business PPE Access Program. The expanded discounts became available to New Jersey-based businesses with 100 or fewer employees starting Tuesday, February 16 at 9 a.m.

• The following training and grant opportunity from the Latin American Economic Development Authority (LAEDA) may be full and is related to those in the food industry. Opportunities like this can support our local restaurants as well as other food service-based businesses. Main Street Vineland has had a long relationship in working with LAEDA to bring training, grants and other support to our business community. If interested, call our office to see if you can be fit in. You can also contact LAEDA at 856-338-1177 or visit

Cultivate Small Business is a new opportunity currently available to New Jersey entrepreneurs and business owners operating in any and all sectors of the food industry. Sponsored by Santander Bank, and in partnership with Babson College of Entrepreneurship, ICIC, and Commonwealth Kitchen, LAEDA is spearheading recruitment for this competitive program that includes six weeks of training, three-four months of mentorship from food industry experts, and access to capital.


Speaking of restaurants, this is a reminder that we’ve brought back “Take Out Thursday” to help our restaurants on The Ave. This week, on February 25, you’ll have a second chance to check out Vegans Are Us, at 636 E. Landis Avenue. With the bad weather last week making it hard to get around, we thought that we’d bring them back again this week. For more information for subsequent weeks, go to our Facebook page for menus, hours, and phone numbers.


Just a reminder that we have a COVID vaccination clinic right on The Ave, which will also provide COVID testing. It’s operating through the Vineland Health Department and is located in the former Landis MarketPlace building, at 631 E. Landis Ave. It’s handy, well-organized and there for you. You can get more information by contacting the Health Department at 856-794-4131.

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