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Jaworski Donates Football Jerseys to Bridgeton Bulldogs

Ron Jaworski and his foundation, Jaws Youth Playbook, held a uniform presentation on August 27 to celebrate the donation of 80 football jerseys to the Bridgeton High School Bulldogs.

Throughout the years, Jaworski has developed a strong relationship with the Bridgeton Bulldogs.

“The Bulldogs are extremely grateful to have Ron’s continued support and commitment. He never hesitates to answer our call for help with his time and resources,” said Vic Gilson, Interim Superintendent of Schools.

Jaworski has assisted with several fundraising campaigns for the Bridgeton Bulldogs in the past, including the District’s efforts to build a new football stadium in 2009. The complete makeover included artificial turf field, new track, new locker rooms, new stands and a press box. The estimated cost was well over $6 million. Following all fundraising efforts and the Bridgeton High School Stadium Renovation Gala, more than $5.5 million dollars was raised. The completed stadium, home to the boys’ and girls’ track teams, boys’ and girls’ soccer teams and field hockey, was dedicated on April 3, 2012.

“Our youth is our future and because of that we must invest in them,” said Ron Jaworski, founder of Jaws Youth Playbook. “The best way to do this is to provide opportunities for them to grow mentally and physically. Lessons that are learned on playgrounds, ball fields and programming such as what the Bridgeton Bulldogs provide are easily transferable into life. It is amazing to see what these young children can accomplish when we as a community come together to nurture and inspire them.”