February 15, 2021

Mortgage Relief

As the pandemic continues to affect Americans across the country, many are facing financial hardship. For homeowners with a Freddie Mac loan, COVID-19 mortgage assistance is available in the form

Fran LoBiondo

Icy, Dicey Adventure

It’s not really about my condition after a fall, but when I slipped and fell in the icy driveway and could not get any traction, I started to lose hope.

ADA Compliance

When we think about ADA compliance, it is mostly in the realm of brick-and-mortar stores and their accessibility to consumers with disabilities. Rarely do we consider making our social media

Surviving Year Two

It’s been one year since the word “pandemic” reentered our discourse after decades of relative health and stability. Since then, it’s been a time of crisis like no recent generation

Brush with Royalty

Following the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers dismissed the notion of a ruling monarchy like the one from which the nascent country had just freed itself, thus guaranteeing a U.S.

Third Friday This Week

There is plenty to look forward to for the rest of February! You may have spent Valentine’s Day with a quiet dinner at home, so why not come out for

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