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Website Trends for Your Business

Website trends will come and go, but some stand the test of time. Sifting through which website trends will enhance your brand and give visitors a memorable and positive experience may be a little tricky. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to web design.

Here are five website trends from the experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency that you should keep in mind if you’re in the market for a website or looking to refresh an old one.

 5 Website Trends to Watch

 #1: White Space and Minimalism

Modern website trends are leaning back on minimalism, says Clearbridge Branding. That means more white space and more room for the eyes to “breathe.” The use of white space can be a powerful tool in helping guide visitors to the elements on your page that are most important.

Overloading a landing page with disorganized copy, distracting images, and page gutters filled with content better suited for other landing pages will almost always result in a higher bounce rate. Keeping things clean and simple is always your better option.

 #2: Dark Mode

In the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed the lights go out across a number of online stores, phone applications, and even phones themselves in the form of “dark mode.” Dark mode started as an inverted color scheme, if you will, that has seen many benefits for phone batteries, eye strain, and aesthetic appeal.

But when it comes to using this emerging trend in web design, it could encompass all of the above. According to Clearbridge, websites adopting the dark mode design aesthetic stand out while others cling to the light.

 #3: Interactivity and Motion

Using video and animation is not a novel trend. However, it’s something that’s evolving and becoming more and more important—as if it weren’t important enough already. From embedded animations to separate elements like links and type on a page that are animated with effects, motion is your friend.

To make this trend work for your brand, think about the areas on your page you’d like to draw attention to. Just remember not to use too much of a good thing.

 #4: Oversized Type and Design Elements

Using oversized type as a design element is a popular way to draw attention to the copy on your landing page. Relying on eye-catching colors and fonts in type that reflect your brand can enhance a website that embraces white space and minimalism. Sometimes, a font can outshine a photo. Don’t be afraid to go bigger and bolder—so long as it suits your brand.

 #5: Integrating Social Media

Closing the gap between your social media pages and your website is something the experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency say they see more and more of, both in their personal lives and in the websites they create for clients.

Having direct click-throughs to recent posts, reviews, and more will help create a seamless experience for users, whether they discover you on social or in a search engine.

Ready to take your website to the next level for 2021? Contact the experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency to set up a free brand consultation and learn how they can give your website a new life.