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At “The Block”

State agriculture secretary revisits Vineland Produce Auction, gives it the Jersey Fresh stamp.

Oak and Main water tank overlooks Vineland Produce Auction, also known as “The Block.”

Vineland city officials were joined last week by New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher, Cumberland County Commissioners, and invited guests for a celebration of the Vineland agricultural community. The group gathered to formally recognize the placement of the iconic Jersey Fresh logo on the city’s refurbished and freshly painted water tank located at Oak and Main Road overlooking the Vineland Produce Auction.

“Cumberland County has been my home for most of my life, being at ‘the block’ again today is wonderful so this is special for me,” Secretary Fisher said. “The Jersey Fresh campaign is the envy of many other states who keep changing their logos and strategies every few years. Yet, the original Jersey Fresh colors and design are recognized instantly by consumers in states across the country. After 36 years it continues to work, in part, because growers pack and ship under the logo, distributors offer retailers Jersey Fresh sourcing solutions throughout the season, and retailers commit to supporting New Jersey’s produce industry by leveraging the brand at the store level.”

“It has been used in many different applications, but to have it on such a prominent display above the largest farmers cooperative east of the Mississippi was a great opportunity for all involved,” Fisher said. “And now that I see it finished up there on the tank, it really looks great….”

As part of the ceremony, Mayor Fanucci presented Secretary Fisher with a Proclamation recognizing the Jersey Fresh Program and his service at the Department of Agriculture. Fanucci also took a minute to recognize the many family farms and food processing facilities in Vineland who have really stepped up to the plate during the ongoing pandemic, “Our Vineland operations have worked with the Health Department and followed CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 crisis to institute best practices in order to keep their employees safe and to ensure the food commodities which the country depends on continue to be available during this unprecedented time.”