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Visit to Farm Kicks Off Blueberry Season

From left: Paul Macrie, Secretary Fisher, and Matt Macrie, tasting Jersey Fresh blueberries.

Last week, New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas H. Fisher highlighted the start of blueberry season in the Garden State with a visit to Macrie Brothers Blueberry Farm in Hammonton. Fisher and state and local officials viewed the packing of Jersey Fresh blueberries to emphasize that locally grown produce and farm products are readily available now at farmers markets and stores around the state.

“The blueberry harvest is one of the major highlights of the New Jersey growing season,” Fisher said. “We are known around the world for blueberries, and growers like the Macrie Brothers have fostered that well-earned reputation with their dedication and commitment to grow the highest quality fruit each year.

Blueberries in New Jersey for 2021 had a production value of $78 million. New Jersey annually ranks in the top six nationally in the production of blueberries. Farmers in the state harvested 41 million pounds of blueberries on 7,500 acres last year.

“We are off to an excellent start, and we anticipate it being a good year,” said Paul Macrie, who owns and operates Macrie Brothers Blueberry Farms with his cousins Nick and Mike. “From what we have seen early on, we think we will harvest a good volume with the juicy, larger-sized berries New Jersey is known for.”

The Macrie Brothers have been growing blueberries in New Jersey since 1953. What started as a 26-acre farm has now blossomed into an 800-acre operation.

Eating blueberries is beneficial to health as they are known as the “King of Anti-Oxidants.” Blueberries are low in calories and high in nutrients. Go to to see where Jersey Fresh blueberries are available locally and to find recipes that include great tasting Jersey Fresh blueberries.