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Soriano-Cruz Receives October 2022 Heartland Hero Award

Marisol Soriano-Cruz is an advocate for families and her community of Bridgeton, going above and beyond to help families reach their goals and to ensure children receive the best education to meet their needs. For this commitment to bettering families and children in our region, New Jersey’s Heartland is proud to name Marisol as our October 2022 Heartland Hero.

Marisol is a wife, mother of two children, and family advocate for Unidos para la Familia, a collaborative group of non-profit organizations that transforms the lives of working, low-income families by empowering all members of a family to work together to set goals, establish stability and plan for their future. Unidos helps open doors to such things as better jobs, home ownership, and community gardens.

The Unidos collaboration is led by Revive South Jersey and partners with the Pascale Sykes Foundation, Rowan College of South Jersey – Cumberland, United Advocacy Group, PathStone, Bridgeton PAL and the Camden Center for Law and Social Justice to accomplish these goals and strengthen communities.

Revive South Jersey Executive Director Jonathan Cummings states, “Marisol is an incredibly thoughtful individual who is always putting others first. She is an excellent team member and has a passion for helping others reach their goals and find their potential.”

Whether it’s helping an individual meet with an immigration attorney, find a job, or apply for a driver’s license, Marisol is dedicated to supporting families in the region and to making the community a better place for them to live. Additionally, Marisol helps families understand their rights within the education system, including in the realm of special education plans like 504’s and IEP’s.

“Marisol has been an invaluable part of the Unidos para la Familia team for three plus years,” adds Cummings. “She serves as a family advocate for our families helping them set and reach their goals. She is gifted in helping families find creative solutions that help them access opportunities and break down barriers to succeed in the various areas of life. She is passionate about helping families know and understand the education system and what their rights are within that system to ensure children receive the best education tailored to their specific needs.”

For the support she has provided to countless families, as well as the inspiration she continues to be for the entire region, we are proud to honor Marisol Soriano-Cruz as the October 2022 Heartland Hero.

While New Jersey’s Heartland is filled with hidden gems, its biggest treasures are the people who make the region a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family. All Heartland Heroes receive a Heartland Heroes Certificate and Gift Basket in recognition of their award. To nominate your Heartland Hero, visit