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Parade on The Ave for Vineland Super Bowl Hero, “Pop” Pacheco

Vineland threw a Super Bowl parade for Isiah “Pop” Pacheco last Sunday. It didn’t have quite the luster of the official Kansas City parade days after the team won the big game, but it was a special moment for Pacheco in his hometown.

When you win two Super Bowls within a four-year timeframe, no one is allowed to tell you how to celebrate. The Kansas City Chiefs have probably become the next team we’ll look back at and say, “Oh yeah, that was a dynasty.”

So when they fight for their right to party and celebrate their dynastic success, what can we really do but say, “Hey, they deserve it!”

The Chiefs took the celebrations to a new height when they had a second Super Bowl parade, this one a personal one for running back Pacheco.

“It’s an honor to my family and I that the city of Vineland is having a parade for me,” Pacheco said. “It’s important to me because I grew up here and the person I am today is because of Vineland. I love the city and the people there,” Pacheco said to

Pacheco’s first Super Bowl victory came in his rookie season. After he was drafted in the seventh round, he was given an immediate opportunity in Week 1 with 12 carries. He was used sporadically until Week 10, where he went on a run of seven straight games of double-digit carries. That was highlighted by a 102-yard game in Week 11.

Pacheco didn’t score a touchdown in the first few games of the Chiefs’ postseason run, but got one when it mattered most—in the Super Bowl, where he gained 76 yards in the big game as well.

An earned hometown recognition for Pacheco before he starts year two.

This content first appeared in Yardbarker.