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Healthy, Happy Families

by Marianne Lods, Executive Director, Millville Development Corporation

Are you looking for activities you and your family members might like to explore before spring sports season begins? Downtown Millville has some opportunities to offer.

US Taekwondo located at 113 N. High Street offers an attractive, large building for adults and children. Master Jung and his staff hold classes for children of all ages as well as adult programs. There are after-school programs that may help you juggle your family’s school and work schedules. There is a public parking lot on the side and rear of the building and also street parking. You can find Master Jung on For more information contact US Takekwondo at 856-440-5933.

The Balance Center for Natural Health is located at 16 N. High Street in the rear of this multi-use building. You can enter from the front or the rear entrance just off the public parking lot. Owner and instructor Kasey Young and her staff hold a variety of yoga classes and educational programs.

As an Ayurvedic health counselor, Kasey’s job and her mission is to uncover and remove the cause of imbalance and restore you back to your original balance. The goal of Ayurveda is to educate people on how to attain optimal health through a deeper understanding of their own individual qualities relative to the qualities of the world around them. It is a system based on natural healing that will strengthen the body, mind, senses, and spirit. In Ayurveda, every health recommendation is based around your uniqueness. In your consultation, they will help to uncover your uniqueness in order to obtain a clear picture about your physical, mental and spiritual health. Your original constitution is your true self in balance and health. When you have health issues, you are out of balance or in an altered constitution.

For more information, contact Kasey at 856-777-3367. Read more on the website,

Millville Nutrition, 10 E. Main Street Unit D, has a public parking lot adjacent to the multi-use building. The shop offers nutritional counseling and a variety of healthy shakes to start your day. Check them out at and at 856-765-3057.

Millville Nutrition reminds their clients and prospective clients each day with this: “New month, New beginning, New mindset, New focus, New start, New intentions, and New results.” You may want to make this your mantra to start every week or to restart yourself if you find things not going the way you had planned or hoped.

Whatever you choose or if none of these options are right for you right now, think about other types of activities you may enjoy with family or friends. Check our website for events and classes. Our business directory gives you links and phone numbers of all businesses in the district. You may want to sign up for art or craft classes. Spring will be here soon and we will want to be outdoors, so take advantage of indoor activities while a chill is still in the air.

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