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Dziedzic Named 2021-2022 New Jersey AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador

The Authority is proud to host Jodi Dziedzic as the 2021-2022 Area 17 New Jersey AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador. The Authority continues to serve as a host agency for individuals participating in the AmeriCorps New Jersey Watershed Ambassador Program (NJWAP).

The NJWAP addresses diverse environmental needs of the state primarily through observing and studying local waterways. This is accomplished through a series of stream assessments, presentations, and partnership projects. During her time with the NJWAP at The Authority, Dziedzic will be responsible for the watershed management area (WMA) 17, consisting of the Maurice, Cohansey, and Salem River watershed.

A Glassboro resident, Dziedzic plans to be a biologist who studies mammals native to New Jersey. Her education in biology and art as a Rowan University graduate, and experience as a Parvin State Park office employee, has equipped her with a love and passion for the environment.

Through the NJWAP, Dziedzic is excited to educate WMA 17 about nature and science, connecting her with resources of which she can expand her horizons after her year of service is complete. She looks forward to her new experiences in environmental work, conducting biological stream assessments, completing field work, and data collection.

“Albert Einstein once said, ‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.’ I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of the environment with others, and I love to see other people show interest and get excited about taking care of nature,” Dziedzic explained.

“I am looking forward to hosting Jodi during her time as the Area 17 AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador,” added Anthony Riviera, managing director of The Authority’s Solid Waste Complex. “I am confident that Jodi will excel at The Authority, and I am excited to see her growth through her upcoming projects, trainings, presentations, and cleanups.”

“The Authority continues to live out its mission of keeping the environmental sustainability of Cumberland County at the forefront of its objectives. The NJWAP is another example of this initiative. I am looking forward to seeing Jodi’s growth and development as a Watershed Ambassador with The Authority,” said Chairman George Olivio.

If any environmental organizations or teachers would like to work with Dziedzic, contact her at or 856-825-3700, ext. 2165.