Where’s Wenders?

The last film I watched at the Philadelphia Film Festival (PFF) was in April 2007 at the Ritz East one month after Landmark Theatres purchased

Early Years

In 1900, G.W. Lewis addressed the West Vineland Farm and Garden Club in a talk that focused on what it was like growing up in

Birth of a Village

When the Bethlehem Loading Company arrived in Weymouth Township to construct a munitions plant for U.S. efforts in World War I, it’s unlikely anyone suspected

Incorporated 1925

In the late 19th century, D.L. Risley brought his real estate business to Weymouth Township and temporarily detoured the legacy of the Estell family, who

Estell Brothers

The death in 1839 of John Estell III, founder of Estellville Glassworks in Weymouth Township, resulted in the business being turned over to his son

Estell Legacy

In 1687, when John Estell Sr. settled in what would become Weymouth Township, he had no idea the location would eventually be named after his

Rough Seas

Before dawn on Thursday September 1, 1877, the leisure cruise on the Harry C. that had begun in Cumberland County on the Maurice River two

Cruising in Cumberland

For centuries, the Maurice River has served as a means of transportation for sailing vessels carrying passengers and goods to a specified destination, but its