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Vineland Doctor Pens Book on Politics of Medicine

Stephen Soloway, MD, of Vineland is on a mission to fight for his patients with his new book Medical Politics: How to Protect Yourself from Bad Doctors, Insurance Companies, and Big Government, which will be released to the public in mid-November. Fans of the “Miracle MD” can get advance copies of the book at upcoming book signings.

One of America’s top doctors peels back the curtain to expose the American healthcare system and teaches how to navigate through the tricky web of insurance companies and service providers.

“I am passionate about helping patients. After my own harrowing ordeal in a hospital, I realized what can go wrong if you aren’t prepared. This book empowers you to be your own advocate and avoid a medical nightmare,” said Soloway.

According to a media release, Soloway is one of America’s top rheumatologists and a former appointee to President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. He chairs the Department of Rheumatology Division of Internal Medicine Inspira Health Network.

This expose provides an inside look at how medical decisions are lobbied and money influences policy at the highest levels, explains how recent and upcoming medical policies will affect common Americans, and gives recommendations for a better American medical system

Featuring the author’s personal letters to dirty insurance companies and other figures in the industry, Medical Politics takes readers inside Soloway’s fight against Big Pharma and Big Insurance in search of better care for his patients. The result is a shocking indictment of the health care industry.

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