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Organization is Key

Survey reveals Gen Z and millennials struggle to keep a tidy home.

by StatePoint

Home organizing is more than a trend; it’s a lifestyle. From streaming shows demonstrating how to color-code your pantry to magazines offering tips to unclutter quickly and even a litany of organization products, there’s an abundance of information in the world of home organization. Yet, despite all this great content, younger generations still struggle with staying organized. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Pollfish on behalf of Duck brand finds that nearly 75 percent of Gen Z and millennials, ages 16 to 42, need a better organizing system or routine at home. Here’s what these generations struggle with the most:

Clutter is Chaos: While about half of Gen Z and millennials clean and organize up to an hour a day, they still have an issue with clutter. The survey finds that the kitchen counter is the biggest clutter hotspot, and car or house keys are the top misplaced items. Among their worst organizing habits, 54 percent of the younger generations throw everything into a junk drawer, while 40 percent say they don’t hang up their purse or jacket. Additionally, their top challenges to staying tidy are too much clutter and not enough room.

Family Dynamics: Living with messy family members is another top challenge. Less than half of Gen Z and millennials say their spouses and children pick up after themselves and more than 40 percent wish their significant other was neater/tidier at home. Most Gen Z and millennials (nearly 64 percent) feel they are the best at staying organized at home compared to others they live with: about 30 percent of Gen Z say their parents are the tidiest and 16 percent of millennials say their partner is the neatest.

Personal Preference: A quick and easy installation is at the top of their priority list when it comes to picking an organizing system, but 29 percent of Gen Z also favors stylish and modern aesthetics. Among the products they’re willing to try, Gen Z is more likely to use shelves while millennials chose a wall organizer. As for the cost, most will spend $26 to $50 on organizing products.

Space-Saving Solutions: More than 75 percent of survey respondents feel they have limited space to store items and 70 percent wish their backpacks, jackets and hats were better organized.

“Americans are embracing a ‘less is more’ lifestyle and prefer clutter-free spaces, but it’s clear they have challenges when it comes to tidying up,” says Angee Mantell, Insights & Innovation product manager at Shurtape Technologies, LLC, the company that markets the Duck brand. “Simple solutions can help people of all ages create homes that are more efficient, livable and meet the demands of their busy lifestyles.”

From the entryway to the garage, Duck brand’s EasyMounts Heavy-Duty Drywall Hooks and Heavy-Duty Drywall Tool Holders help restore order to high-traffic areas and give out-of-place belongings, such as key, bags and garage gear, a designated home while keeping them off the floor. The universal mounting system comes in a modern matte finish and installs in drywall without the need for tools, solving the problem of limited storage.

While some factors are beyond one’s control, smart organizational tools can minimize mess and stress at home, for all generations.

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