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Millville High Announces Protocols for Home Football Games

The Millville High School athletic department is implementing the following protocols for the home 2021 varsity football season, effective 10/8/21.

• Tickets will not be sold on the day of the game for any regular season home Millville High varsity football game.

• Varsity football players, varsity cheerleaders, and marching band members can purchase up to four tickets for each home football game. Each ticket will admit one spectator.

• Millville High School students will have the opportunity to purchase one ticket from the Millville High School athletic office prior to each home football game (specific dates/times will be announced at a later date). Each student must show proper ID to purchase a ticket. There will be 200 tickets available for Millville High School students to purchase on a first come, first serve basis.

• Individuals (city residents, scouts, other coaches, etc.) will not be permitted to enter the complex unless they have a pass/ticket issued by the Millville High athletic department.

• Reserved seating tickets previously purchased will be accepted/honored and spectators with those tickets will be permitted to enter the game as usual.

• Passes (CAL, NJSIAA, Press, scouting, etc.) will be accepted/honored for admittance into a Millville High School football event.

Spectator Protocol

• All spectators must present a pass/ticket to get into a home Millville High School varsity football game.

• All spectators must be in the bleachers during the game. Congregating and loitering in the parking lot or under the bleachers will not be permitted.

• All spectators will enter through one of the designated entrances for spectators.

• All spectators will be subject to the security screening process upon entry. No food, drinks, or bags will be permitted inside the stadium.