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COVID-19 Vaccinations Update from Inspira Health

by Inspira Health CEO Amy Mansue

Vaccination has been our priority since we first learned of—and received doses from Pfizer back in December. However, as has been the course throughout this pandemic, the evolution of COVID and its circumstances continues to evolve quickly and mercilessly.

There has been an overwhelming response to COVID-19 vaccinations across the country from eligible members of the community, and vaccine supply is incredibly limited. Unfortunately, Inspira Health, like many other hospitals in the country, currently finds itself with more appointments than vaccines. To honor those appointments, it is necessary for us to reschedule first dose appointments and fulfill our existing appointments for second doses.

Effective January 23, Inspira is rescheduling all confirmed appointments for first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at our hospital distribution sites in Mullica Hill and Vineland; those appointments will be rescheduled once we receive additional supply of the vaccine. Inspira will reach out to patients directly to be rescheduled in the chronological order in which they were originally scheduled, beginning January 23. In addition, we have recommended registering through the NJVSS should they have appointment availability prior to Inspira.

For those who already received their first dose from Inspira prior to Saturday, January 23, second doses will still be administered by Inspira.

We truly regret the distress and frustration that this news brings to our community. Be assured that Inspira will notify everyone as soon as we can guarantee that we have enough supply to provide both first and second doses at our vaccine distribution centers.

Inspira remains committed to being a resource to the community and to keep you informed about the virus, and the vaccine. For any additional questions or concerns, please visit