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ALL for a Good Cause: Bridor Employees Raise Money for Boy with Cancer

by Ahmad Graves-El

A local manufacturing company, Bridor, used a day set aside to appreciate the hard work of its employees to also raise funds for a South Jersey child who has cancer.

On Tuesday, July 3, Bridor, a privately owned French company that manufactures bread and pastry products in Vineland for sale and distribution around the world, held a charity dunk tank event at its annual Employee Appreciation Day to help raise funds for Ian Davis who was recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

According to, “ALL affects a type of white blood cell called lymphocytes, causing them to build up in the liver, spleen and lymph nodes,” which makes it difficult to fight off infections.

Ron Huffstickler, operations manager at Bridor (in dunk tank in top photo) who is close with Davis’ family, came up with the idea to assist Ian with the charity dunk tank.

“His father is a good friend of mine, and so is his mother (Anthony and Gina Davis),” Huffstickler said. “I would normally give [donations] to Wounded Warriors because that’s the charity I personally contribute to. But when I found out about Ian’s condition, I just thought … if I can lessen any of the stress that’s on their family, and just help out a little bit, I’d rather do it locally.”

Huffstickler graciously volunteered to be the designated “dunkee” at the event and Bridor workers had an enjoyable time throwing softball sized spheres at a target in attempts to dunk their fellow employee in the huge tank of water, all for a great cause.

According to Jim Economy, HR director with Bridor, the company raised $495 for Davis, who is a student at Simmons Elementary School in Clayton.

“It was a minimum of $1,” said Economy, regarding the variations of donations that were given. “Some employees donated $5 … and one employee donated $100.”

Although they are happy with the results of the charity dunk tank, Huffstickler and Economy had other admirable goals they were hoping to reach as well.

“Honestly, I just like to see the support that Bridor can do throughout the community,” Huffstickler said. “To me … it’s … trying to do something good for somebody that needs it.”

“My goal is to have Ian here in perfect 100 percent health running around to meet all the people who helped raise money,” Economy said. “And I’m going to give the kid as many hot dogs and hamburgers he can wolf down.”