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Acronym: SCORE BIG

Businesses everywhere today do what it takes to be competitive and remain so. That’s especially so with smaller downtown stores to hold their own and have an innovative edge when competing with big-box or mall stores.

Realizing that, downtown Vineland’s NPP (Neighborhood Preservation Program)—of which I’ve already mentioned several of the programs—has an initiative that can make this goal a lot easier to teach.

We combine the power of SCORE—the largest network of free volunteer small business mentors in the nation, with a Business Innovation Grant (BIG). SCORE BIG can give businesses in the NPP district the necessary tools to run their businesses and know how to use those tools. The SCORE program will help those business owners know what they need to be successful and the BIG microgrants will help the business owners with the expenses associated with these strategies.

This is technical assistance and can be used for visual merchandising, marketing, online presence and e-commerce, business commerce and finance, point-of-sale, and store layout.

In today’s world, even smaller mom-and-pop stores need to keep up with today’s technology, purchasing strategies, media strategies, and other aspects of the modern business world. They need to do what it takes to bring customers or clients in their doors and make the cash registers ring.

SCORE BIG is one of the several NPP improvement programs designed for success. Check out more details on the Main Street Vineland website——or call the Main Street Vineland office at 856-794-8653.

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We’ll have more information coming up soon about our next two events—Cruise Down Memory Lane on June 11 and Running the Ave 5k on June 26. We’re also working on a rescheduled date of our Crafts and Antiques Show on The Ave, which had to be postponed because of inclement weather. Stay tuned.

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Main Street Vineland is here to help. We pass important business information along to our businesses every Wednesday, in the 9 a.m. hour, and on SNJ Today POP FM 99.9, and Comcast Channel 22.

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This is all the more reason to make The Ave your destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment needs, as well as for fun all year round. Save money on gasoline, avoid the long lines at the big-box stores, malls, and shopping centers, and take in the rich variety of fun things to do—right in your own backyard.

For more on Main Street Vineland, call our office at 856-794-8653, visit—or check us out on Facebook. You can also e-mail me at