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4 Ways to Secure a Repeat Customer

Securing a repeat customer is the goal of any good business owner. And with so many brands competing for your customers’ attention, the art of retention gets a little more complex. Here are four key considerations the experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency say will help influence a repeat customer.

 Encouraging a Repeat Customer

#1: Deliver Top-Tier Customer Service

With the threat of customers dropping a brand after a poor experience, it’s no wonder at all why customer service is such a critical part of your business. You want every customer to walk away with an unforgettable experience and to speak positively about your brand’s professional service and care. But this isn’t always the outcome, says Clearbridge Branding Agency.

And for those times where the situation isn’t as simple as a customer returning an item or asking about a product, it’s important to train your team on handling all customer issues, inquiries, or complaints efficiently and transparently. Customers want to be seen. They want to be heard. Leveling with them on a human level and validating their concerns or problems may help diffuse the issue and turn it all around. Key takeaway: deliver the best service possible.

#2: Focus on Consistent Quality

Consistency is key in all walks of business and branding. But when it comes to your customer’s experience with a product or service, consistency is the most critical. Say you have a stellar meal at a first-time visit to a restaurant. How likely are you to return after your second visit if the very same meal is completely sub-par?

Clearbridge Branding says to ensure everything from your product to your branding on social media is buttoned up and serving consistent quality—that way, your brand, and your customers’ expectations can align.

#3: Offer Referral Bonuses

Offer bonuses to customers who refer a friend or family member to your business. You can provide a digital coupon for customers who refer friends to sign up for your mailing list or extend a discount on a reservation when you bring a walk-in to your next hair appointment. Whatever works for your business model, make the most of it by incentivizing your customers to return.

#4: Introduce a Loyalty Program

You can encourage new customers or those who are already loyal to your business to return with a simple loyalty program. For example: every dollar your customer spends, they receive a loyalty point. When they reach a certain number of points, maybe they receive a discount or exclusive offer reserved for members of your loyalty program. It’s a simple yet effective way to encourage their return (and even increase transaction sizes).

Need more help securing repeat customers in your business? From brand development to social media marketing, the award-winning experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency are always at hand to help. Contact them today to learn more about their service offerings.