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September 5, 2023

One September Weekend

I’m hoping everyone has enjoyed the summer of 2023 and looks forward to welcoming beautiful autumn days here in southern New Jersey. There are many events that take place in

Spiders, Oh My!

The first book to make me cry, as I remember, was E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. In the story a pig named Wilbur befriends an orbweaver spider named Charlotte. Wilbur

Bucks for You

I’ve mentioned in past columns the Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) and various initiatives that are part of the program. One of the programs by which you can benefit is the

Dog Days Coming

The Vineland Fire Department’s EMS Division welcomed a new member to the team as Wednesday, a 12-week-old AKC Labrador retriever, recently accepted a position as the department’s emotional support and

Not To Forget

When Patricia Chappine started working a year ago as a temporary employee with Stockton University’s Alliance Heritage Center, it was basically a two-person operation. “It’s been pretty much me, the

Art With Flowers

The Countryside Garden Club of New Jersey recently had the pleasure of attending an Ikebana demonstration, presented by Mariko Ono. Ikebana is a distinct Japanese style of floral arranging. Mariko