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How to find discounted and free school supplies

School is back, and it’s a bit different thanks to the pandemic. With some kids homeschooling, some doing virtual school and some doing a mix, everything seems to be a bit off. One thing that has remained constant about school? Buying supplies for your kids. Keeping in mind that the coronavirus has put a financial strain on many families, here are some places you can score some discounted and/or free school necessities.

For Technology and Internet Service

If your kids are doing virtual school, the internet has never been more vital. You can find some deals on internet service and computers by going to As US News notes, this non-profit provides links to local, discounted internet service providers and deals on personal computers.

For Gear

Goodwill is a great place to find discounted clothing, but did you know the stores also carry back-to-school supplies like backpacks, pens and even computers? Try your local spot for gently used items that will get your kids through the school year.

For Food

Local food banks across the country have been increasing their outreach programs. If you need help with providing meals, check there first. Food banks also sometimes carry back-to-school supplies, so don’t be afraid to ask about that as well.

For Starters

Before you do any of the above, check your home first. There’s a good chance you already have some supplies like half-used notebooks, pencils and more. No need to search out discounted and free items when you have them sitting in your cabinets.

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