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Vineland Rabies Alert

On Monday, February 3, Animal Control captured a raccoon, which was killed by a dog near Chestnut and Highland avenues. On February 6, the Vineland Health Department received confirmation the raccoon tested positive for rabies. The dogs involved in the altercation were up to date on rabies vaccinations and received the required rabies booster shot.

Any persons having come in physical contact with the infected raccoon are encouraged to contact their healthcare provider and receive post-exposure treatment.

“We would like homeowners to examine their pets for wounds of unknown origin and if anything suspicious is found please see your veterinarian or contact the health department. We are also asking residents in the area to be watchful for any animals exhibiting strange behavior, signs of illness or undue aggression. Do not attempt to help sick or injured appearing animals, keep your distance and contact Animal Control at 691-4111. If you, your children or your pets had contact or may have had contact with dogs, cats or wildlife acting strangely, vicious or overly friendly call the Health Department at 856-794-4131.

Rabies in humans is rare in the United States. There are usually only one or two human cases per year. But the most common source of human rabies in the United States is from bats. The Vineland Health Department would like to remind residents how serious rabies can be and that it is very important to have pets vaccinated. Rabies is a virus that can infect all species of mammals.

Raccoons, skunks, foxes, coyotes, groundhogs and bats are known to carry the virus and infect other animals. If someone sees an animal acting strangely, they should:

• Stay well away from the animal and advise others to do so.

• Advise the local authorities immediately by calling Animal Control at 856691-4111.

People who may have come in contact with, or had their pets come in contact with, the raccoon are encouraged to contact the health department at 856-794-4131.