February 12, 2020

Vineland Rabies Alert

On Monday, February 3, Animal Control captured a raccoon, which was killed by a dog near Chestnut and Highland avenues. On February 6, the Vineland Health Department received confirmation the

Vulture Culture

For years I have been delivering presentations on Vulture Culture, all over the state. It’s proved to be interesting and a great deal of fun. Vultures exist worldwide and they’re

Lifeguards Needed

Over the course of my time as an elected official, I expect to have a fair number of issues that call for the utmost in persistence and perseverance. These issues

Chores and More

Here’s my good news for the week: I was feeling a little low, and I took a rest, but my mind wouldn’t calm itseIf. It made a little windstorm of

More Mousse, Please

My mom always celebrated every holiday with a special little treat for us kids. For Halloween it was the usual assorted candies, for Thanksgiving it was her caramel apples and,

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