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Animals and Inmates

While utilizing inmates to help with the challenge of trying to figure out what to do with hard-to-adopt dogs might be new in our area, it’s not a new idea.

Tough Talks

As we gather with family around the table next week, it’s a good time to give thanks for the people who brought us to adulthood, whether they be parents or

Holiday Planning

The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving will soon be here and hopefully we will be spending the day with family and friends as we did prior to 2020. While

Awesome Autumn

Autumn is in full colorful array. This year we are fortunate to be getting some of the best colors I have seen in years. Take a drive along the Maurice

The Right Balance

Just a couple of weeks ago in this space, I expressed frustration with various statutes dealing with public intoxication. The other side of the coin when it comes to enforcing

A Film Fest and Family Fun

Mark your calendars and buy your tickets for CUT International Film Festival on Saturday, October 22, at the Levoy Theatre! Selected and Award-Winning Films will be shown from 11:30 a.m.

Public Intoxication

I’ve always maintained that the hardest governing is what gets done at the municipal level. At the county level, you’ve got a municipality or a township between you and the

Plan Now for Holidays

Planning ahead for the holiday season during these last two to three months doesn’t need to be overwhelming. By nature, some of us plan ahead and others wait until it’s