Ghostly Fun on High Street

Halloween is one of the most fun times in our community and throughout the region. We are pleased to sponsor the 2nd annual “Ghost Tour” on Friday, October 25, from

Blind Charging

The concept within our criminal justice system that justice is blind—even if what actually happens is far from that ideal—is a noble and righteous thing worth aspiring to. It’s why

Eventful October

Autumn in the Millville area is filled with special events of all types for adults and kids. Start out by attending an Evening of Music, Desserts and Coffee at the

Prize-Linked Savings

If there’s one thing people like to do, it’s play the lottery. Some estimates have the average American spending slightly more than $200 a year on the lottery. In the

Art Possibilities

Business expansions are great for downtown development. Recently, Artistic Touch Beads moved from a small cottage in the Village on High to 317 N. High Street. Neighbors include artist Tania

Playing to Our Strength

As mayor of a small urbanized community, it’s easy to think strictly “local,” since so much of what happens plays out in our homes, schools, shops, and neighborhoods. For most

September on High Street

The Glasstown Arts District (Main Street Millville) is in the midst of public project including a mural creation for its Creative Placemaking grant that was awarded recently. Artist Kenneth Lazan

No Hoopla, Not a Party

In a recent South Jersey Times editorial a number of officials, I among them, were taken to task for the way the launch of the County’s “Recovery on Wheels” program

Courting Equality

One thing that the delivery of legal services in this country has in common with healthcare is the fact that too many individuals and families simply can’t afford it. The

Clued In

Millville is hosting a citywide Scavenger Hunt! Starting at National Night Out on August 6 and ending at Third Friday on August 16 at 8 p.m., you can pick up

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