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Bridgeton Police Launch Online Community Policing Network

City of Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly and Chief of Police Michael Gaimari Sr. announced late last week that the Bridgeton’s Police Department has completed their part in a cutting-edge community policing pilot program and is the first police department in the nation to utilize the all new Online Policing Solutions (OPS)National Law Enforcement and Community Policing Network.

Nearly three years ago, the Bridgeton Police Department and city leaders were presented with an opportunity to become a pilot agency for a brand-new concept in community policing. This concept was to launch an actual community policing network that would create a secure gateway and partnership between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, while streamlining police operations, drastically expand agency resources, and connect law enforcement agencies, officers and communities 24/7. When approached, Mayor Kelly and Chief Gaimari were impressed with the concept.

“We knew right away that we could be looking at the future of community policing and an enhanced law enforcement partnership with the community,” Kelly said.

“The concept was impressive, and something we wanted to be part of from the start.” Chief Gaimari said. “It was obvious to us that this could be a real game-changer. We strive to stay connected to our community and with technology as it is today, this is a perfect solution.”

With the OPS Network, officers and community members have access to tools and technology to seamlessly work together, shaping the future of twenty-first century policing and community engagement. The network was a seven-year development project that finally began its pilot program in Bridgeton in mid 2020.

“The results have been nothing short of amazing.” said Gaimari. “This is not just a website or gimmick. This is an actual network that creates a true and transparent partnership with each community member in addition to all the participating agencies. This is exactly what was needed.”

By utilizing the web-based network, community members can now interact and partner with law enforcement like never before. From the Bridgeton Police Department’s OPS Community Interface (think website on rocket fuel), community members can:

• Submit 100% percent Anonymous TIPS

• Subscribe to receive Alerts, News and Press Releases

• View/download Wanted and Missing person flyers and bulletins

· Ask questions and get answers from actual officers

• File internal affairs concerns

• Commend officers

• Download important documents

• Read agency policies and procedures

• Learn about career opportunities

• Register special needs family members

• Learn about the department

• Keep updated with daily police activity

• Share surveillance camera information

• Access a myriad of valuable resources and community tools

• Much more

This transparent law enforcement partnership tool requires no logins or APP downloads, is completely web based and works from any modern computer or smartphone. Community members from ages 18 to 80 can participate.

In addition to the community interface, the OPS Network contains numerous tools that allow officers to connect with other OPS Network partner law enforcement agencies, and leverage the power of the network to offer much better services to the community, while supporting each other.

The new Bridgeton Police Department OPS Community Interface can be visited at