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Weekend Projects

Here are some practical DIY projects to complete over a winter weekend.

While many home renovation projects are best tackled during the warmer months, there are specific minor repairs and tasks that are important to address in winter.

These quick projects are easy to complete in a weekend and will make for a more cozy, organized winter home.

Service the Furnace. It’s easy to get behind on regular home upkeep duties during the busy holiday season. But now that the holidays are over, it’s time to take stock of your furnace. During winter months, dirt and debris buildup on the furnace air filter can keep your home from being heated efficiently. If you haven’t already, replace the old filter and be sure to swap in a new one every three to six months to ensure proper heating and cooling.

Tend to the Woodpile. If you plan to use a fireplace this season, protect your woodpile from the harsh elements, like sleet and snow. Store the wood in an open storage area that allows the wind to pass through and cover the top of the pile with a tarp to keep the wood from getting wet. Secure the tarp with duct tape for a long-lasting and durable hold. The easy-to-tear tape will create a strong hold that will keep your logs dry and in place throughout the cold season.

Reorganize the Basement. As you pack up all your holiday décor, head to the basement and sort through other seasonal items and clutter. Fix and seal broken storage bins or tree and wreath bags with Duck Max Strength brand Duct Tape. You also can use this time to update labels to ensure belongings are properly stowed away and can be found quickly the following year.

Keep the Cold Out. Stop chilly air from seeping into your home by checking areas where drafts are most common, such as around doors and windows. To prevent the cold air from coming in and the heat from escaping, seal the gaps around windows with weatherstrip seals, and the openings under doors with a draft seal. This simple DIY project will keep rooms warm and cozy and can even save you money on your heating bill.

Taking advantage of downtime over a winter weekend to catch up on these routine maintenance projects will ensure your home continues to run smoothly from season to season.