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Technology on Wheels

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC enters agreement with GCIT as first high school in New Jersey to train technicians.

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC signed an Educational Training Agreement with the Gloucester County Institute of Technology’s Automotive Technology program on September 12, 2019. This is the first institution in the state of New Jersey to sign this type of agreement and will join over 40 others across the country.

Under the direction of the Mercedes-Benz Academy, the MB Star Connect program has been developed and designed for high school students. This program will provide a high-quality educational experience that incorporates current technology.

Topics include, but are not limited to, Mercedes-Benz culture of customer service, the service and repair of Mercedes-Benz cars, and other foundational concepts future technicians need to remain relevant in today’s technologically advanced automotive technician industry.

GCIT students will now have the opportunity to start the program’s online training during their junior year. By completing this training, participating juniors and seniors will have completed the same training requirements needed for technicians to achieve the “Mercedes-Benz Registered Technician” status.

To complete the hands-on training and mentorship components of the program, GCIT will then work with local Mercedes-Benz dealerships to help students find internship opportunities.

GCIT is excited about the opportunity to partner with Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC and our local Mercedes-Benz dealerships to provide students with additional developmental opportunities with the goal of helping those who aspire to join the Mercedes-Benz brand become entry-level Registered Technicians when they graduate from GCIT.

Glenn Hubert, GCIT’s teacher of Automotive Technology, states, “The agreement with Mercedes-Benz and the partnership with Mercedes-Benz of Cherry Hill offers an unbelievable chance for our students. For a student to graduate high school and be able to go to any dealer franchise with the training completed to enter a career with a brand such as Mercedes-Benz is so unique.”

The next step is for Bruce Pitts, shop foreman of Mercedes-Benz Cherry Hill, to come to discuss the program with the students and then have them tour the Cherry Hill location for a field trip. GCIT is honored to be the first institution in New Jersey to sign this agreement.