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Takeout Thursdays

by Russell Swanson, Exec. Dir., VDID, Main Street Vineland

I’ve been emphasizing in this column, over the last few weeks, ways that you can support our local businesses. Last week I explained the “Shop Local—Shop Safe” campaign that Main Street is doing in partnership with the Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce. I also mentioned a second way that I would explain this week.

Take Out Thursdays on The Ave is that other program and it’s a way to further help our downtown restaurants. Quite a few of those restaurants are open, but only doing takeout or delivery. This is a way to give those restaurants an extra boost during these hard times. It’s also a way for you to discover—or rediscover—the great variety of ethnic cuisines available on The Ave. This isn’t faux ethnic food—out of a box or a can—but authentic ethnic cuisine—made like you would get at home.

We started this campaign two weeks ago at Vegans Are Us and continued last week with Cilantro Mexican Restaurant. This week, it is at Taste Buds, 22 W. Landis Ave., Suite A. They start at midday. Watch for further news on each week’s highlighted restaurant and the exact times for that restaurant.

By all means, take advantage of this program on Thursdays, but don’t necessarily wait for Thursdays to visit our downtown restaurants and take out some delicious food. Make it a regular conscious habit. During this crisis, restaurants are hurting, like many other businesses. They aren’t bustling with diners sitting at tables wining and dining. That impacts everyone—from the owners, to the kitchen staff, to the waitstaff, to the bus staff. Workers are laid off and those still working take a hit. Your continued patronage and support mean a lot and can keep the restaurants afloat during this quarantine. While you’re at it, tip generously. It shows that you care and puts that much more money in the pockets of these hardworking people who need it. Enjoy great food and help a worthy cause.


A further reminder to go to the home page of our website—The—for links to initiatives to help our local businesses during these hard economic times.

• Take a simple test to determine for which COVID-19 relief programs your business could be eligible. We’re working hard every day learning about and working on programs to keep our businesses up and running, as well as solvent, during this time when they need the help.

• Be sure to take the online pledge through Main Street Vineland and the Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce to support your local businesses—both on The Ave and throughout the community. We’re urging you to pledge that you’ll give local businesses your patronage and support. This sends the powerful message that the economic health or local businesses is our economic health. Taking the online pledge is easy. Just visit Main Street Vineland’s website at or the Facebook page (

• NEWS FLASH!! Main Street Vineland has announced that Members 1st of NJ Federal Credit Union has agreed to match all donations to help front-line workers in the COVID-19 crisis, up to a total of $1,000 to help buy food, products, and services for our courageous professionals in the medical field. All purchases will be made by the Main Street Vineland office and will come from our downtown businesses on The Ave. Just go to the home page of Main Street Vineland’s website to give.


Also remember that Main Street Vineland is here to help. In the spirit of social distancing and respecting the safety of our staff, our office is currently closed to walk-in public though we are still working every day. We regularly post information and updates on our website and Facebook page.

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