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Sunset Lake Lifeguard Information, Recruitment Session

If you are 15 years of age or older and curious to see what’s involved with being a lifeguard, then you will want to attend the Thursday, July 18 Lifeguard Information and Recruitment Session at Sunset Lake in Bridgeton City Park from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. The session is free and the only requirement is to come in a bathing suit.

The session, sponsored by the Red Cross, will review what’s involved with being a lifeguard from required training to the differences between pools and open water.

“I think being a lifeguard is great way for someone to earn money and enjoy the outdoors…. In New Jersey, there is a shortage of trained lifeguards and they make pretty decent money,” said Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly.

What prompted the session, in addition to a lack of general awareness about employment opportunities for lifeguards, is the presence of Sunset Lake and Bridgeton’s desire to open the lake to the public for swimming during the summer.

While efforts at hiring lifeguards begin relatively soon after the New Year, usually while it’s still cold out, it’s been difficult because those with the required credentials are either high school or college students who can’t commit until the school semester ends, lack transportation to travel to work, or don’t have the necessary certifications to work as a lifeguard.

The goal of Bridgeton’s information and promotional session is to find out who might be interested locally and then guiding them through the process of getting trained and certified to work as a lifeguard at Sunset Lake. The minimum number of lifeguards for swimming at the lake on a given day is three.

If interested, call the Recreation Office at 856-453-1675.