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Seashore Fruit & Produce Awarded Military Contract

The Department of Defense recently announced that Seashore Fruit & Produce Co. of Vineland was awarded a maximum $49.7 million contract to supply fresh fruits and vegetables. The firm received a four-year contract with no option periods.

The contract was competitive, and Seashore Fruit and Produce beat out two other firms competing for the business.

The contract with the defense logistics agency troop support group covers military and school locations in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C. with an April 18, 2026, ordering period end date.

Just two other firms nationwide received these contracts. Washington.-based Spokane Produce, Inc., was awarded a $76.6 million contract and Coast Produce Co. LLC, Los Angeles, Calif. was awarded a $68.1 million contract.These were for products to four commissaries located in the defense commissary agency’s Pacific area and the agency’s west area, respectively. The awards were for a 24-month base performance period with options.

Seashore Fruit & Produce Company is one of the region’s leading distributors of fresh fruit, produce, and dairy serving the tri-state area. Seashore provides quality, commitment to service, and competitive pricing. It services a diverse customer base, which consists of: K-12 schools, colleges and universities, healthcare and senior living facilities, business and industry locations, national chain restaurants, independently-owned restaurants, casinos, country clubs, and theme parks.