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Restart and Recovery Plan 2020

CCTEC Restart and Recovery Plan 2020 includes a choice of hybrid in-school and virtual or all virtual.

A restart and recovery team was assembled in late June to discuss and plan for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. The team focused on conditions for learning, leadership & planning, policy & funding and continuity of learning. To help determine a plan for the upcoming school year, a survey was sent out to all parents and guardians of students at CCTEC.

The results show that a majority of parents would send their children back to school on a hybrid schedule. The restart and recovery team at CCTEC have developed a four-day hybrid schedule that has different groups of students attending in-person instructions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with virtual learning taking place on Fridays.

The population of students was split into two groups with the blue group coming into the school on Monday and Wednesday. The silver group will attend school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Virtual learning will take place on days students are not attending in person.

The benefits of this hybrid model allow CCTEC to be in compliance with the Center for Disease Control by reducing the amount of students who are in the building at one time. This also eliminates long periods of time that lack structure.

Students will be able to see their teachers every other day. Being a technical school, this hybrid model will also maximize in-person instruction for the school’s CTE programs. Safety protocols are being put in place to assure the health and safety of all students and staff. Everyone in the building will be required to wear face masks at all times, with the exception of students who are eating lunch. Temperatures of all students and staff will be taken. Hand sanitizer will be placed in all classrooms and daily cleaning will take place during the students lunch period.

Students will be issued two washable masks from the school. Parents and guardians will be able to choose between the hybrid plan or an all virtual learning plan. For more details, the full presentation of CCTEC’s Restart and Recovery Plan can be viewed at