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RCSJ-Cumberland Awarded National Science Foundation STEM Grant

Rowan College of South Jersey-Cumberland Campus (RCSJ) has received funding from the National Science Foundation to provide enhanced support for students wishing to follow a STEM career pathway.

The five-year, $2.145 million grant was awarded under the National Science Foundation’s “Improving Undergraduate STEM Education for Hispanic-Serving Institutions” grant program. RCSJ’s project—called Adelante Juntos (Moving Forward Together)—will enhance the learning continuum for high school students enrolled in an undergraduate STEM program, through their studies at the community college level, and on to a baccalaureate program.

“With support from the ‘Improving Undergraduate STEM Education for Hispanic-Serving Institutions’ program, the Adelante Juntos project seeks to develop and generate best practices on a culturally-inclusive STEM career pathway model with a focus on cybersecurity and mechatronics/engineering,” said project director Maud Goodnight, Ed.D. “Cybersecurity and mechatronics are two extremely valuable programs that lead to excellent career placement opportunities.”

RCSJ’s STEM career pathway enhances the delivery of academic support across critical transitions to increase success rates among students, in particular Hispanic and underrepresented student populations.

Through enhanced STEM learning experiences, the Adelante Juntos project is designed to increase enrollment and retention, as well as two- and four-year degree completion rates, by establishing transfer programs in cybersecurity and mechatronics/engineering, while increasing STEM career placement for students entering the workforce.

“Our Adelante Juntos students will have opportunities for course-based undergraduate research and experiential learning, which will help them gain valuable skills for a brighter future,” Goodnight added.

Prospective students should visit: for more information about becoming a RCSJ student. Students wishing to enroll in the STEM Career Pathways program may contact Rachel Bolt at 856-200-4679. Students who are admitted may attend a virtual New Student Orientation (NSO) to meet with a STEM Pathways advisor for assistance in selecting their classes.