OLMA’s Sister Speak Gets Teens Talking

When it comes to tackling the tough issues facing our youth today, there’s nothing quite like open and honest communication between peers to calm nerves and boost confidence. That’s exactly what happened as part of the Our Lady of Mercy Academy (OLMA) Sister Speak program.

Planned by the newly formed Sister Speak Club in conjunction with the guidance department, the program offered discussion sessions on stress/anxiety, family and friends, self image, and dating. Students selected one session and shared their opinions, feelings, and ideas in a comfortable environment facilitated by student leaders.

“I could not be happier with this program,” said Brooke Coyle, head of School. “The girls shared so much with one another and were respectful, insightful, and honest. While our students know that they can come to us at any time, we wanted them to realize that their peers experience similar emotions and challenges and that they are loved and never alone.”

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